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We offer you these cards to help you think honestly and deeply about some of the most important questions of life: What is faith? What is morality? What is love? How can I form a good friendship? We've tried to give you answers that your heart would agree with and approve of. That's important, because no matter what everyone else does, no matter what anyone else says, your God-given heart knows best.

Friends, these cards are for you. Use these cards to reconnect with your own heart’s knowing.

The Creation of the Cards for Living
The Cards for Living were created as a joint effort by a group of longtime friends who collaborated in writing and designing them. The Cards are not derived from any scripture or source material. They are the fruit of our lifelong effort to understand ourselves, life, love, and what it is to be human.

For years, we searched for answers, and we explored and discussed our ideas and findings together. In creating the cards, we also relied on our personal relationships with God, and incorporated our Divine guidance as well as our group and individual experience. We put the highest and best of what we have learned into the cards. It rings true in our hearts, and it has held up in our experience. We wrote the cards to share what we have learned, to help others have more light and understanding as they find their way in this world.

We don't follow any organized religion or subscribe to any particular creed or scripture, although some of us had religious affiliations in the past. In choosing the topics for the cards and their contents, we tried to cover the most essential areas of human life, and address the universal questions of the human heart.

We intentionally don't mention any of our names anywhere on the cards. We don't have any special authority or credentials; we're sharing the truth that we have learned, for others to consider and test for themselves in their own lives. The cards stand for themselves. You can "sample" as many as you want for free on this website and use whatever you find helpful.

If you have any questions or comments, we'd love to hear them. Go to our contact us page if you have something to say.

How to use this website
This website offers free, high-quality PDF versions of each of the cards. The cards may be individually viewed on screen, printed, or downloaded. Feel free to print as many as you want and give them to your friends. If you like, you can download a PDF containing all the cards using the link on the home page. Some of the cards have study guides to help you deepen your understanding. Visit the study ideas page for ideas on how to use the cards for your study or meditation.

You may quote the cards freely, as long as you state this website as the source and provide a link to the home page. Thank you for sharing!

Printed, boxed card sets
The Cards for Living are also available in boxed sets of beautiful, full-color printed cards. To order one or more sets of printed cards, visit the order cards page.

If we could afford to distribute these beautiful cards to everyone at no cost, we would, but unfortunately, our resources don't permit that. So we charge for the cost of shipping, and ask people who can afford more to consider making a donation. If you don't have the means to make a donation, we will send you the cards for the cost of shipping only.

Please make a donation if you're moved to. Donations from people who can afford to pay more help fund the free cards sent to others. Your donation will also provide us more resources to continue printing the cards and sending them to libraries, waiting rooms, prisons, and other places where people can freely access them.

The Cards for Living are a labor of love, and our gift to humanity. We have no desire to make money from them. We only hope as many people as possible find the cards and benefit from them. If you appreciate them, please share them with others.