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Here are some ideas for how to use the Cards for Living for study:

Personal study
The Cards help us understand life better. Read them in your spare time, before bed, or first thing in the morning, to give your day a good start.

Reach for the Cards when you feel troubled, when life is challenging, and when you need better understanding to help you through. The Cards will point you in the right direction, remind you about your own beautiful heart, about love, and about God who cares for you day and night.

In the Cards you will find support for your positive resolves, beautiful aspirations, and heart desires. The Cards will help you appreciate the goodness of life, the beauty of the people around you, and the grace of the Divine. They will strengthen who you are and what you know.

Use the Study Guide
Study Guides are being created for each Card. These illustrated guides explain the ideas from the Card in greater depth, for deeper study and understanding. They also provide questions for personal or group consideration, and suggestions for implementing the ideas in daily life. Study guides in PDF format are available with their associated cards.

Share with your friends
Please feel free to share the Cards with friends. The ideas on the Cards make great topics for discussion. Talking about them with a friend will help both of you deepen your understanding and discover ways to bring the wisdom of the Cards to daily life.

The Cards make great gifts. The printed sets are reproduced in full color on glossy cardstock, packaged in a beautiful box. The full set of Cards for Living is also available on the website for free download in PDF format.

Start a study group
If you feel so inspired, you can start a study group, to meet together and discuss the Cards and the Study Guides regularly. Cards for Living study groups are a wonderful opportunity to broaden your understanding of the Cards by sharing thoughts, feelings, and personal experiences with the members of the group.

Pick a card to discuss, and
- share real life experiences that illustrate the points made in the Card
- give examples you have seen in yourself and other people you know
- talk about how to implement in life what you’ve learned from the Cards

Study with a mentor
If you have questions about any Card, or wish to have the guidance of someone who has steeped in the wisdom of the Cards for many years, feel free to e-mail us at mail@cardsforliving.com.