Desire - what is it and how can we use it?

Selfish desire vs unselfish desire

Don’t you hate to hear a friend say, “I give up.” You know they could have a better life if they would keep trying with real desire. Desire is how to keep going, overcome obstacles, meet and defeat challenges. To desire is to see and appreciate people andthings. And that’s a beautiful circle. Aren’t you attracted to someone who sees and appreciates you for who you are? Unselfish desire is the real secret of the law of attraction.

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All about desire - healthy desire wins


To desire is to be alive. Desire is the fire that ignites us, moves us forward, and brings possibilities to life. No one ever got what they needed without wanting it. And only when we want more can we have more. Isn’t that why it’s so sad to see a friend “give up,” or settle for too little?

The strength of our desire determines if and when we reach our heart’s goals. Desire can burn through all the obstacles, both outer and inner, to having what we need and want. Desire enlivens us, and empowers us to move those mountains.


Desire is part of God’s plan to fulfill us. The deeper we see into the beauty of what God made, the more we want it—and the more it wants to give itself to us. Naturally, a woman who is seen and desired will give of herself more freely than one who is not. Wouldn’t you do the same? Anyone who is loved and desired beautifully opens like a flower, revealing ever more wonders.

The world God created is more than adequate to fulfill us. Life will give you its best as long as you love and desire it—and your desire is truly loving. When you really see a person, and you want them for who they are , you’re ful- filling some of their deepest needs. And they in turn will fill you. The circle of love-desire will fill you both. That’s God’s Plan.



Healthy desire never steals: it feels, kneels, and heals. When you desire unselfishly, you don’t feel separate from what you love. You’re driven to care for and give to your beloved instead of living and “loving” whimsically, as a separate, selfish individual. A mother will change her life- style when she realizes that whatever she eats, her baby eats; and what she feels, her baby feels. So she watches her diet and even directs the thoughts that create her moods.

Healthy desire inspires and requires us to love, serve, give. So if we want to remain uncommitted, insensitive, and self-centered, we’d rather desire selfishly. But selfish desire cuts off our life, strength, and connection, and costs us opportunities for fulfillment. After all, who wants a selfish lover? And who will reveal delicate beauty to greedy eyes?


The beauty in store for us is infinite, and it will care for us as we care for it. Whatever we truly love, need, and desire is ours for the loving.

And obviously, to keep anything beautiful, we must keep wanting it even after we get it. A woman’s husband stopped wanting her after he got her. How sad for both of them. Would you want to stay where you’re not wanted?

Whatever you cherish forever — want, need, and feed every day—is forever yours. The beauty God made will unfold endlessly in the light of your love.


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