Benefits of Following the Still Small Voice

Unfailing spiritual guidance through divine inspiration

God needs your help. God has so much love to give the children of God, and the best way is through human beings. When your heart tells you to reach out to someone, chances are it’s a gift from God to them. No need to worry or wonder how to help or what is best. God knows what’s best. Your part is simply obey God and His still small voice. You and God, working together!

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Why Follow the Still Small Voice

When our lives are directed by the selfish intentions and flawed perceptions of ordinary ways of thinking, we’re sure to make a mess. Only a life guided by Divine promptings can be truly wise and beautiful. God has a better way, and these are the lovely fruits of following it:

1. We help and heal by delivering God’s mail.

Have you ever felt moved to give love, but didn’t? Likewise, many people have been inspired to love you, but suppressed the impulse. Somewhere in the Lost Letter Office, there’s a huge pile of God’s undelivered love — comfort that was never given, kind words never spoken. Delivery is what counts! And that’s where you, the messenger, come in. Surely you’ve heard these words: “If only you’d told me!” And these: “That thing you said made my day.” It’s that easy—but you must do it! So from here on, let’s deliver God’s mail by giving the love we’re moved to give.

2. The joy of creating truly good results.

People often wonder, “What’s the right thing to do? How can I figure it all out?” Perhaps you can’t. But the good news is, you don’t have to think and act on your own. Everyone can be supremely effective when faithfully following the promptings of the Still Small Voice. God will guide us, day by day, hour to hour. God knows perfectly well what to do — and also when, how, and why. When we have faith that God will direct us, and confidence that His promptings will produce good results, we’re relieved of our solitary worries about what to do and how.

3. A soul-satisfying life.

Doing God’s work is our highest purpose, our true spiritual mission. Though we’ve made other plans and pursued other desires, none will ever satisfy our hearts like doing beautiful things for God as the spirit moves. And there’s no need to wait. If you have loving motives and want the best for others, you’re ready for the Life Divine—a beautiful life of cooperation with God.


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