Relationship and Togetherness

United we stand, because we are united

We are all connected with each other. Unity of heart is our spiritual nature, and our daily experience, in so many ways… All people agree on what’s most important. All people are sensitive to how others feel. All people suffer when they feel lonely and disconnected. All people want somebody to love. All people find their purpose, their reason to live, most powerfully in relationship. We’re social animals, and we thrive on togetherness. We need each other.

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Because we’re social beings, we can’t find fulfillment without each other


Left side:
United at heart

No man is an island. We’re all connected, and that explains a lot:

Our sympathetic response to joy and suffering in living things. Our distaste for conflict, selfishness, injustice, inhumanity. Our deep wish to create rightness for all. Guilt and regret for hurting someone. Our desire for others. The feeling of being at home in the warmth of love. The pain of separation, the ache of loneliness. Our joy in doing for others compared to doing for ourselves alone.
...We all feel these things.

Fulfillment is social

Home is where the hearts join. No one feels complete on their own, only when part of a whole. A perfect bolt is made for the space shuttle, and there its true potential is realized. It has no purpose apart from the shuttle. Similarly, we find our purpose in relationship to each other. You may have strength, beauty, intelligence, passion, but if it doesn’t make someone happy, it’s just a heartache. No island is a (true) man—or woman.


Right side:
Divided we fall

“Me vs. you” is public enemy number one. Enemy of love, relationships, cooperation — even of survival. To presume separation is to condemn life and love to shallows and miseries. As long as we believe we’re separate, we act accordingly: hurting each other; being grabby and insensitive; cutting in line; being unreliable, dishonest—AS IF we didn’t affect others. AS IF separation is, and unity isn’t. The fact is, we’re all swimming in one pond: pollute it, and everyone suffers.

United we stand

Only in togetherness do we find our true power, beauty, and effectiveness. Practically: two heads are better than one; many hands make light the work; almost all great accomplishments come from teamwork. Emotionally: we know the joy of feeling at home in one another, the joy of togetherness and belonging —that sweet dance in which loved ones respond to our heart, needs, feelings, and we respond to theirs. YES! Such glories appear only when people relate within wholeness (when you and I realize we’re one—and feel, think, and live accordingly).


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