Gifts from God to Humanity

Our human qualities are spiritual gifts

They say we were made in the image of God, and it’s true! God gave every human being many wonderful spiritual gifts, hidden in the human characteristics and personal qualities we all have but may not fully appreciate. They are real spiritual powers, capable of blessing the world and changing lives! Human nature includes many great gifts from God: Free will. Creativity. Intuition. Sublime heart-sensitivity. The trusty inner voice of conscience. God-connection. And more... Appreciate them, and use them well!

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What God gave us to work with


Human beings are naturally filled with beautiful feelings — overflowing love, affection, attraction, admiration, loving responses to all of life. You see beauty in someone, and you’re moved to give them heartfelt appreciation. Passionate feelings stir in us like a fresh breeze, leaving a thrill as they pass; they bless us and anyone we share them with. Our loving emotions are gifts—they nourish the heart and soul, bring energy and life, and provide an atmosphere where the heart can feel at home.


With your physical senses, you can feel the breeze through the open window. Emotional/spiritual sensing is like that. You feel subtle things, you “intuit” things. A mother knows when her daughter’s dating someone — she can feel it. At a party, you know how all your friends are feeling even if they don’t tell you. Looking in your lover’s eyes, you know how your next words will affect them. That’s because your heart is connected to theirs, and all that is — that’s how you can feel these things.


As God’s children, we’re creators in our own right, born with Divine creative spark. We delight in manifesting our visions, creating heart-stirring beauty, inventing great solutions. But we’re less aware that we’re always shaping the world around us, for better or worse, with our attitudes, beliefs, and expectations. For example, we all know being trusted brings out the best in us, being feared brings out the worst. Our creations uplift or bring down too — it’s up to us.


Always and ever, your Divine Parents are with you, wanting your happiness, hearing your sorrows, responding to you. They know your thoughts, your feelings, your every single moment — and they love you. And they send us heavenly companions too: guardian angels, celestials, friends from Heaven to walk with us, talk with us, guide us.

Divine companionship is a wonderful reality, not accepted or explored by many. Why? When we ignore our heart’s directives, we’re burdened by guilt, fear, insecurity — and we shut down, closing off Divinity. When we live and give by heart, we’re confident, open-hearted — and open to God’s presences, and presents.


We were created to share Divine love, every day, in direct, intimate partnership with God. God provides inspirations (sometimes audible instructions, more often wordless urges), along with the right tone and energy. Our part is to “deliver the mail” to the intended recipients.

No child of God needs years of preparation for their missions of love. God’s ready and willing to work with us now! Our loving motives make us fit vehicles for God. Because we care, we let go and let God—and let the truly good times roll! The best any human being can do is cooperate with God!


No one wants a caged bird — especially not God. God gave us absolute control over our choices and creative powers. So, although we’re sensitive, good, and richly endowed with the power to heal, bless, and create beauty, we are equally free to choose fear, anger, selfishness, and any hurtful thing. People so wrongly blame God for the suffering mankind creates by free will choices. Think a moment, and you’ll thank God for the freedom to make the ultimate choice: the choice to love freely.

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