Love and Spiritual Growth

Growing Beyond Fear of Love

What is the purpose of life? What is the meaning of life? Love gives life meaning. In loving we find personal fulfillment. But, because love requires us to think, feel, give, and make good choices for people we love, not just for ourselves—we’re afraid of love. Too sad! Following ego fears and resisting the requirements of love slows down our personal growth and spiritual evolution. Follow your heart instead. Spiritual maturity comes naturally when you love.

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Loving Our Way to Heaven

a Quick view of personal growth in love

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Everyone is well equipped for loving, but people cripple themselves in one way or another when they react fearfully to the requirements of love as they see them. Misunderstanding love and its demands, they focus on the challenges and potential failures of love, and consider love and sacrifice as a personal loss, rather than seeing loving in its totality, with its sacrifices and fulfillments.

The fact is, loving is the only thing that actually produces real, lasting fulfillment. Only loving opens the heart, builds trust, and unveils the sacred treasures in the beloved’s heart and your own. Loving creates true understanding, increases our compassion, expresses our true knowing heart, and satisfies us on a deeply human level. Loving is the lover’s fulfillment, the heart’s fulfillment. It disburdens us of all guilt and shame. It unites us with life. But our priority on self-gain and self-protection distorts our view of love, emphasizing its “dangers” and building a defense against its demands. Everyone has done this, and everyone must escape it—this tendency to buy the propaganda of selfish mind.

When we are in touch with our heart, we naturally feel drawn by the dreams, desires, and obligations of love. We hear the call of love—home calling us back home—and we want to respond to it. To love and give is a joy so natural to the human heart.

But sadly, since most people are undecided about whether or not they want to release their self-driven life, they resist the natural absorption into a life of love and all it entails—its real trials and delights—and opt instead to stay in a deadened state in which they are not so moved to think, to feel, to consider rightly and really what is best for all, all the time. They elect to stay in a more childish position, hoping to avoid the obligations of love. See, when we get in touch with our own innately bright mind, our loving heart, and our compassion for others, it pushes us to change wholly, leaving nothing in the basic premise of our lives the same. That change is welcome to everyone’s heart, it resonates profoundly with all that we hold valuable—and all we truly are.

But we don’t welcome that change if we cling to our habitual purposes, and the accompanying voices, mental patterns, and ideas that support a selfishly oriented style of living. In order to honestly accept and wholeheartedly embrace the option of a truly loving life, we need to let go of all that. Only then are we free to give all our heart, well-being, energy, time, and life force to a life of loving.

People kick and fuss in resistance to growing up. A person grows in strength, understanding, and fullness, and then at a certain point they become very aware of their higher responsibilities, their connection with all of life, and their own heart’s requirement to take care of all of life — the call to love. If they are not prepared to answer love’s call with natural...

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