Realistic and Unrealistic Expectations

How to be realistic

We want to be realistic. We want to achieve results, not waste time and energy on impossible dreams. But what does realistic mean? Realism doesn’t mean we need lowered expectations to avoid disappointment. It means to do what we can to make our goals realistic by fulfilling the conditions and requirements for success. We hold the keys to success in life when we sincerely embrace constructive thoughts and plans of action.

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Realism - Unrealism

Sometimes we wonder, “What can I realistically expect?” True realism depends on CONDITIONS. Is it realistic to expect the bread will bake? Well, WITH heat, or WITHOUT heat? Similarly . . .



A pessimistic person—one who chronically thinks that life is terrible, and who expects the worst—will have an unhappy, unfulfilled life. That is realistic.

True understanding will come to a person who pursues it earnestly, with an open mind.

A couple who love each other generously will enjoy a wonderful relationship.

An unselfish, genuinely caring person will attract a bird of a similar feather, and be fulfilled in love.


A person who works diligently and conscientiously, and treats co-workers and customers with kindness, will do well at work.

A person will master a skill if they believe they can, and work diligently at it.



A pessimistic person who doubts life’s best possibilities as they arise will create beautiful, lasting relationships and a wonderful life. Not a chance!

True understanding will come to one who doesn’t want to know, but prefers to live in denial instead.

A relationship of two selfish people—or which includes even one selfish person—can satisfy the heart.

A selfish person can be fulfilled by finding a bird of a similar feather—or any feather.

A person who does careless or mediocre work, rebels against authority, and has negative
attitudes will do well.

A person will master any skill even if they believe they can’t, and even if they don’t work at it.


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