Don’t be normal, follow your heart!

We need a new definition of normalcy. What’s normal in this world is unnatural to the heart. If we felt free to break the mold, if we dared to color outside the lines, then we could feel like ourselves. We would have what we truly need: togetherness, honesty, closeness to God, cooperation with others, lasting love, happiness, fulfillment. Don’t be normal, be true to yourself. Follow your heart, leave normal behind. Walk the path less traveled.

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False Normalcy (the common kind)

Who wants to live in the prisons called “normal”? God did not ordain this mediocrity, tragedy, misery. These chains and pains are man-made, NOT natural:

Tear-stained pillows. It’s “normal” to be lonely; for intimacies to go stale and fail, leaving heartbreak behind. So many tears and fears about love—what a “normal” shame! Without close loving relationships, we wither like flowers without rain.

Distance from God. Every day, millions of prayers are uttered to a God presumed to be far away, perhaps out of reach. In truth, God is so dear to our hearts that we suffer our self-imposed alienation from Him terribly—and He suffers along with us. It’s unnatural!

Every man for himself. It may be “normal” to live for yourself, but selfishness makes life desolate and exhausting. It creates heartbreak, insecurity, and distrust. No honest man or woman wants to live for themselves primarily, much less exclusively. We naturally care more than that.

Lifeless living. We were born to live. But look in the average home, and you find people bored to death, marking time; living without joy, passion, wonder, emotional risk; lacking distinction, purpose, meaning, significance. That may be normal, but clearly, it’s no way to live!

The misery will continue until men and women won’t settle for it, and create better “norms” for themselves.

True (heart-natural) Normalcy

Here’s a normal that’s consistent with our true nature: heart normal. In it, relationship is restored, the mind is not in pain, and close cooperation with God is... well, NORMAL.

Closeness, love, trust. We were born to love, to give our- selves to one another, to enjoy intimacy. We are at home, and happy, when we live and love with others. Caring for one another, sharing, understanding. That’s heart normal!

Closeness to God. In the dark, you may not see your lover, but you feel their breath on your cheek. God is like that—you can’t see Him, but He is near. How tragic to feel alone when your beloved is here. So much more natural to talk with God, and love Him intimately.

Cooperation: living/being/loving together. We’re designed to work together, not alone, not apart. United, we can succeed. Alone, we struggle against each other and against ourselves. What a waste! An airplane in pieces is a useless pile of metal. Assembled as a wholeness, it flies!

Happiness, fulfillment. It suits who we are to give our hearts passionately, to take risks, to love deeply; to care, feel, learn, grow. We are naturally larger than life. Big feelings! Big love! For us, true normalcy is to fill and thrill the world with expressions that make life wonderful.

If you live what is natural-normal for your heart, you’ll find that life is beautiful, and it works marvelously well.

True normalcy is living as the person God made you to be—the person you ARE


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