True Faith

What is faith?

Having faith in God, faith in life, faith in yourself—what does faith mean? And how to have faith? Having faith is trusting God and the goodness of the way things work. Faith is trusting that there are solutions to problems, and good things are worth working for. Faith isn’t just believing in dogma or expecting miracles from God. True faith gets results because people of faith work faithfully to make good use of our gifts and possibilities.

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True faith

True faith allows us to see the beauty and potential in life, in people, and in ourselves. And when we see problems and ugliness in life, we know that in love there are solutions
—and we implement them. People of true faith are faithful—loyal and true to the goodness of what God made. They work faithfully to bring God’s Heart into life.

1. Faith in your own intuitive heart/soul knowing. True faith isn’t belief in dogma, or in any other ideas that are learned and memorized. Each person has intuitive knowing, from God, from birth. So even before we experience healthy love, intimacy, and fulfillment, our intuition says, “Great things are possible. Love is, and love works. People are good. God is good.” When we live with true faith in those things, life works.

2. Faith in your own dynamic heart sensitivity. God gave us the ability to feel things accurately. So if you get the feeling that something about your beliefs or behavior is wrong, you’re probably right. Or if you feel someone needs your love right now, they probably do. With true faith you trust the living responses of your heart.

3. Faith in God. True faith in God means thinking well of God—with love, respect, and trust. It also means having faith in the goodness, beauty, and potential of everything God made . . .

all His children—including yourself!

the Way of Love (God’s Way—because God is Love)

the spiritual laws of the Universe (such as the Law of Karma, the Law of Attraction, etc.)

4. Faith in action. Faith without works is dead—and unfaithful. Only a life of love, wholeheartedly lived, allows the experience of life as God intended it. Living faith both knows and shows that God’s Way works. So live by heart. Live a true love adventure, acting on things unseen and un-been. Live and learn. Grow and glow. So BE it!

True faith is CONSISTENT with your knowing, your feeling, and your experience. Blind faith CONFLICTS with all of that. So . . . Trust in Life. Trust in God. And trust your God-given, ever-loving heart!


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