Wrong Uses of Faith

Misplaced faith

True faith is putting your trust in things that deserve trust. False faith is trusting in things that are false, illusory, negative, or hopeful. For example, religious dogma. “I’m a sinner, but I will be saved if I believe.” If we place our faith in things we say we believe but don’t truly feel and know, we don’t experience the power of faith. That’s why many people are losing faith or having a crisis of faith.

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Two Kinds of False Faith

Faith can support life, but for many people, “faith” is false and negative, and that can keep them trapped in a depressing life. Here’s how:

1. Mere Belief

Mere belief is when we “believe” things, but don’t truly know and accept them. The inconsistency shows up in what we do and how we feel. Some common examples of mere belief:

Many people say, “God is Love, God is good,” but then fear God, resent Him, and even call Him cruel. Surely true faith is not so fickle.

Some people believe, ”God is everywhere,” but still act like God is nowhere near! Is that consistent?

Many people say, “I’m a child of God,” but still feel insecure and weak. Surely a child of God has good reason to feel confident and strong!

I say I believe in love and in my partner, but I feel and act distrustful and self-protective. In that case, my faith in love is actually weak.

2. False Faith

False faith means investing belief (or faith) in illusions, inaccuracies, or falsehoods. For example:

“Only people of my religion will be saved.”

“Love stinks. Selfishness is necessary.”

“All men are pigs.” “You can’t trust women.”

“I’m a terrible person.”

CAUSES of False Faith

REJECTING what your heart knows, and believing something else instead.

IGNORING what you naturally feel, and talking yourself into feeling something else. “I don’t love him.” “There’s no such thing as love.”

SUPPRESSING/DENYING who you are, and believing in and being someone you’re not. Thinking and acting like someone else.

May you all believe what you know is true.


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