How to Pray to God

How to pray effectively

How to get closer to God? Love is the key. Prayer is a wonderful way to cultivate intimacy with God, especially when we pray with love. Prayer is most effective when it’s loving, not distant, blaming, despairing, or demanding. In a good relationship, there is love, sharing, and appreciation, not just wanting things from one another. So it is in the relationship with God. Draw close to God, talk with God with love. Give your heart to God.

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Praying to god

God is a friend who is always near, ever dear. Prayer is a way to share our hearts with Him, and be with Him in a bubble of mutual love.

Accept the nearness of God. God is here, not far away. But how can you feel close to God if you think He’s not here? Has a friend ever told you, “I have no one to talk to. Nobody listens to me!” You felt, “Wait! I’m here listening to you right now! Don’t you see?” Likewise, if we deny God’s immediate Presence, how can we receive the love, blessings, and guidance He wants to give us? Know how close together you are with God, and you will experience it more and more.

Being intimate with the Infinite. As with any relationship, what you bring to it makes the biggest difference. If your prayer is loving and intimate, you’ll feel closer to God—and your relationship with Him will bloom. But if your prayer is angry, toxic, or otherwise low on love, you will feel distant. And God cannot change that, because it’s your choice. He would not disrespect you by magically, forcibly making you closer than you allow.

Depend on God rightly. God loves you, and wants to listen to the needs and desires, sorrows and joys of your heart. He wants to help you. It’s right to depend on God as your refuge and strength—but endless requests do not make a good relationship with God. Your relationship needs more than that.

God can help you a lot IF you help yourself. You see, God can’t make up for it if we fail to take good care of ourselves, our relationships, our lives. So don’t ask Him for things instead of taking constructive steps and making good use of what you’ve been given. Use your God-given intelligence and ability. Work with God by applying your Godly heart and mind to all things, while asking for His marvelous steering. Ap- ply your heart, your mind, your sensitivity, your effort and care to life; then things will work well for you. And God will guide you and help you.

As you know, prayer is not merely words, it can be SO MUCH more: an intimate conversation, communion—a life with God, to enjoy and share. So, come boldly and honestly to God, share your heart with Him, and love Him—and He WILL respond.




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