Why Does Love Hurt?

True love doesn’t hurt—selfish love does

Fear of love is a common problem, but love is nothing to fear. Fear of intimacy comes from being hurt by selfishness in relationships, not by love. Ego in love is the problem. Ego love is selfish love, fake love, not true love at all. Ego and love don’t go together, love and ego are opposites! Learn to tell the difference, so you can have—and give—real love in your life.

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Pseudo Love

Fear of love—really?

It’s crazy! So many fears and tears associated with love! Mention the word love, and people start talking about terrible stuff: losing oneself, sick attachment, sorrow, heartbreak, and disillusionment. Insane jealousy! Being used, betrayed, hurt! Even being abusive (as in, “We only hurt the one we love, the one we shouldn’t hurt at all”). But wait! None of that is love.

Here’s when love hurts: when it’s NOT love, because it’s too selfish

Friends, can we be honest about “love troubles”? Love troubles are unlove troubles. Love doesn’t cause grief— selfishness does. Bad things happen when people think and act selfishly in relationships (i.e., “I’m here for ME; to get what I want from you.”) But friends, please don’t call that love!

A sane conclusion about love

The unlove we’ve brought into our homes and relationships has broken so many hearts. But let’s not go crazy with grief and point the finger at love. Especially since it’s love—and only love—that will mend these broken hearts, fix broken relationships, and lift the humanity out of its lonely despair.

Save the good name of love!


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